2 Key Online Dating Tips For Men

2 Key Online Dating Tips For Men
online dating tips for menOnline Dating Tips for Men

2 Key Online Dating Tips for Men

Unlike most guys, women are actually going to read your dating profile, so coming up with something that sounds attractive is an excellent investment in time. The problem is that most guys don’t really know what women want. Men are under the erroneous delusion that women are looking for Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, when they’re actually more into Darrell. For those that don’t get the reference, Negan is a violent psychopath and Darrell is a quiet loner who has issues with authority.

The Darrell metaphor is apt because you never really know where you stand with him. He’s a challenge. Maybe not conventionally as attractive as Negan, but he draws you in. You want to know more about him. He’s mysterious. He’s smart, but not pretentious. He’s dangerous but not threatening.

Understanding this is important.

(1) Writing a Good Dating Profile

Most of the best dating tips for men involve how to write a solid profile, and it’s a sad fact of life that men aren’t very good at describing themselves. It’s difficult to put yourself on display and it’s difficult to be yourself without feeling self-conscious. The issue is, that you can be confident in who you are without sounding arrogant or cocky. No one on this planet is going to be lucky to have found or met you if you treat them disrespectfully and cruelly. So saying things like “no fatties” in your profile description just makes you look like a jackass; someone who has little to no respect for anyone else; and someone who is tactless and witless.

Dating sites can be a demoralizing experience right up until they aren’t. Meeting people is hard and putting yourself out there is also hard. If you think that acting like an abusive shit in your profile is going to impress anyone, you’re wrong.

That being said, you may very well not be attracted to heavier women. You have a type. That’s ok. Some guys like a little meat on her bones and that’s ok too. You can signal this tactfully. Talk about how your physical health is important to you and how you like to spend time at the gym. If a girl messages you and saying she was hoping to get out to the gym to lose a few pounds, and you’re not into her, don’t reply. Karma is a bitch. So don’t be a dick.

(2) Be Genuine

Understand this. Not everyone is going to be attracted to you. Nerd girls like nerd boys. Athletic girls like athletic boys. They share the same interests and that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to be honest and talk about your comic book collection. You can be self-deprecating but not in a way that makes other people uncomfortable. A bit of nervousness can be endearing and charming, but making up elaborate bullshit to impress someone is a recipe for failure. Being insecure is a natural part of life. But don’t (I mean this) be insecure about being insecure. Don’t put on a false front that’s nothing but a hollow performance for a girl who may not like you anyway, not be worth your time, or a shitty person herself. You’re getting to know one another. That’s what’s happening there.