How To Work Out If Those Adult Service Classifieds Are Legit

How To Work Out If Those Adult Service Classifieds Are Legit

Trusting anything online can be worrying. After the recent heart bleed bug incident it seems that not even the most trusted sites are safe. But even when the site is safe, the people on it might not be. When you get involved in online dating like I am, you start to notice just how many scammers and crooks there are out here waiting to take your money. If you want to trust legit adult services classifieds, but do not know where to start, here are a few pointers for you to follow to work out what is real and what is fake.

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If she is too hot, it’s probably fake

Too Good To Be True

Sometimes when looking through what you think are legit adult services classifieds you will come across some girl that is just too good to be true. If there are pictures, they are of some beautiful twenty-something, showing plenty of skin and looking like great fun. The attached words will make you wonder how innocent this innocent-looking girl really is. Often they will be explicit and will tell you exactly what she wants to do to the first man that messages her back.You ask yourself if this is all true, and unfortunately, because men are men, your critical thinking faculties shut down, and your primeval brain kicks into gear, telling you it is all true. Of course it isn’t. Probably behind that beautiful veneer sits a 40 year old dude just waiting to reel you in. These profiles are designed to make you not think, so that you desperately want it all to be true. If you see pictures like this, or ones that are even more explicit then you have to think twice. Would a women really post pictures like that to a dating site? And then think about the words. If you look at real dating profiles or legit adult services classifieds, you will find that most are quite dull, detailing what they do and what they want in a regular way. If an ad sounds like porn, then it is fake. Period.

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If the profess their love early, it is a scam

I Love California

If you start to get chatting to a girl online, one that is not from your neck of the woods, then you also have to be careful. Scammers are fully aware of the allure of some foreign maiden. They want you to get addicted to a girl so that you would do anything to see her. They will make sure that they profess their love for you, can’t wait to see you, love the area you are from and cannot wait to do all the things you talked about, but, alas, they cannot afford the air fare right now.

Of course, by this time you are so gagging for it that you offer to pay the air fare just to get her here and sitting on top of you. You wire the money and… nothing. Of course, nothing you idiot. The scammers will say anything to get you to part with your money. If someone online tells you that they love your part of the country (OK, maybe they do love California, but this should worry North Dakotans), or starts saying erotic things or professing their love for you, then all of this should raise red flags. A request for money is coming next. Never, ever send money to someone you have never met over the internet, with the exception of Jeff Bezos.

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If the seem perfect, then they are as fake as these

Perfect 10

This goes along with the too good to be true part. If you look on most dating sites, you will see that most women are normal. This goes for any adult service women too. OK, maybe you’ll get the odd one that is an eight, but if the pictures show someone who should be a glamour model, or on the TV, then something is up. People like that do not really date online, nor are they in any adult industries. Scammers scrap images off the web all the time to use as bait for unsuspecting men. The best way to see if the pictures are legit or not, is to ask to see more of them, ideally in regular shots – with friends, doing outdoor activity, etc. If they cannot produce these then it is probably a scam intended to get you to sign up for something that will not exist, be that a girlfriends, a date, or an escort.

Too Forward

Again, the girl-next-door talks like a girl next door. She does not talk like a porn star. If you find that whomever you are chatting to online is getting far too explicit far too early in your relationship, then it is likely a scam. Of course people flirt online, but it normally doesn’t go too much beyond that before the people have met. Make sure that the conversation stays polite and you are likely to actually have a real girl on the other end, someone that you can end up getting explicit with in person.