Top Adult Personal Sites, The Best Learning Experience I Ever Had

Top Adult Personal Sites, The Best Learning Experience I Ever Had

I am a high school senior who has applied and been accepted to college. I know that my entire life is going to change drastically, what really worries me is that I don’t have the experience that I will need to be with girls. I am a very quiet and shy guy so my sexual history has been less than active, which makes me think that I am going to embarrass myself with some girl if given the chance. I am not good at picking up and to be honest, I don’t know what to do when I do pick them up. There is some part of me that thinks if I take her home for a one night stand, unless she is totally sober, she is going to end up regretting it. Did I mention above all that I am the “nice guy”. If you are wondering, yes the nice guy does always finish last.

a little experience

looking for a little experience I found a lot

So, when I heard that there were sites that allowed you to post personal ads, I thought that it could be my answer. I could find girls to get my experience before I went away to school. Thinking that I was too young, I found that since I am eighteen, I am plenty old enough. You know what else I found? I found out that there are many women on these adult personal sites that are looking for the young and innocent look that I have. So, I am proudly here to confess to you that I no longer am afraid to head off to college. Not only have a got a lot of sexual encounters under my belt now, I have learned a whole lot from the women that I have been with.

What are the top adult personal sites?

Before I tell you all the knowledge that I have gained about adult personal sites, I should start by telling you what they are. People assume that everyone knows what they are, but they don’t. There are hundreds of different types of personal sites to choose from online. If you are looking for a young girl to share first with, there is a site for that. If you are looking for a cougar to show you the ropes, there are many sites for that. The beauty of the top adult personal sites is that whatever it is that turns you on can be found online, without having to look very far, or hard.All you have to do is to Google adult personal sites and you can get a feel for what they are all about. You can post your own personal ad on them looking for the girl of your dreams, or just the girl who is going to give you what it is that you are looking for. For me, I put an ad on that said I was an inexperienced guy looking for someone to show me the ropes. What I got was a ton of sympathetic women who were looking to take pity on me and catch me up to speed. That is exactly what they did.

find sexual encounters

Personal ads are a great way to find sexual encounters

What type of things work best in the ads?

The average guy thinks that being totally out there and over the top is what gets women to want to contact you. What I found was the exact opposite. By being not the adventurous guy, but the shy and unassuming, there are hundreds of women who have reached out to me. Not every girl is looking for the “bad guy”. Some girls are looking for a guy who will treat them with respect and allow them to lead the way. It isn’t always the know it all who gets the girl. That is the beauty of these types of sites. You can be whoever you want and find someone who is looking for exactly what you are. Try that in a bar.The way to find the site that is going to get you the best success is not only by knowing who it is that you are looking for, but to know who the women on a specific site are looking for. Take for instance a site that has milfs on it. The women on that site are looking for the guy who is going to adore her and show her some attention. If you put a personal ad on that site saying what a tough guy you are, and how you don’t care about women in general, you aren’t going to be chosen. The key to making the right ad for any site is to know who the other members are and what they are looking for.Not only are you concerned with the women who are going to contact you, you also want to find the site that has the women that you are attracted to. It isn’t just about scoring with any girl, it is about finding the right girl to get your needs met. There are sites that have women who are looking for something more than just a hookup. What do I mean by that? I am not talking about a long term relationship or a ring, there are sites that are allocated to people hooking up for more than just one night. These are the sites that I found the most beneficial. There is a lot to learn about women. Being with one who you can be honest with, not embarrassed and ask questions while exploring is really a great thing. That is what you can find on adult ads online.

getting sex again

Never worry about not getting sex again

If you are someone who is young like me and just wants to find a little experience so that you don’t embarrass yourself when you are with a girl, then you may want to give personal ads a try. I have gotten not only the experience I wanted, but I have also gained a ton of knowledge about how to please women in bed. That is going to be a definite asset when I hit the college campus!